#4 – Put Yourself First with Lawrence Liu

Lawrence was born and raised in New Zealand and Taiwan. With an initial vision of becoming a physical therapist, and after the completion of that goal, Lawrence shifted focus inward and asked himself if this is truly his purpose. Through meditation and conversation with his mentors, as well as internal dialogue, he came to the conclusion that what most people deemed the epitome of success wasn’t enough for him. Through that, his life has hit a positive spiral, and he shares his journey as well as his future goals on this episode.

Lawrence Liu


Lawrence received his Doctorate of Physical Therapy at USC and worked full-time treating patients and training high-profile clients as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Through time, he expanded his vision for his life and created a successful organization and business through Herbalife, where he continues to change lives through nutrition, healthy active lifestyle, and personal development every single day.


Key Topics

Your life purpose and how to move toward it

  • Defining moments and how negative moments have the ability to change the course of your life in a positive way
  • The importance of having a clear goal in mind in order to reach it
  • Setting 1 daily action to move you toward what you want the most
  • Your “why” will be your driving force, always
  • If you’re not connected to what you do, you’re never gonna do a good job

On family and love

  • Putting yourself first regardless of the love and respect you have for your family
  • Being the best version of yourself in order to attract your future wife/husband

On how to deal with fear and failure

Fear is just a feeling

  • The importance of living fearlessly to honor the short time we have here
  • The only way you can fail is if you quit
  • Realizing that sometimes doors don’t open because they weren’t supposed to

Lawrence Liu and Valentine Ewudo

Key Quotes

On the importance of gaining new knowledge:

“Your brain is a muscle, and to build it you have to get your reps up. Your growth and your development HAS to be a priority.”

On feeling obliged to reach his top most level:

“It’s my duty to maximize my potential. God has blessed me, and it’s my responsibility to make the most of my time here.”

On procrastinating on your purpose:

“There’s a lot of dope people who are wasting their time, energy and talent, in the wrong opportunities.”  


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