About The Host

Valentine Ewudo


I’m a Nigerian, ER nurse, speaker, health and leadership coach, entrepreneur, with all the bells and whistles in between. The bottom line is this: I’m a young black man in his late twenties working every day to navigate life and touch as many lives as possible along the way.

I’ve reached what some people may consider success in their 20s – from growing up in a poor neighborhood in South Central LA to going to high school in Nigeria, to becoming a health professional, to being fired and subsequently starting a business and building a team that did the first 1 million in sales in less than 2 years, all by the age of 24. But I’ve failed countless times and have had very dark and cloudy periods in that time too. I’ve learned tons of lessons along the way, in business, money, and love. I just wish I knew someone like me that I could learn from in these areas along the way, a LOT of things would be different!

This brings me to this straight-up, no-frills Podcast. The mission is to empower minority millennials to break barriers, take risks, and grow to reach excellence, to become the alpha in your life that you are destined to be. Through no-BS conversations with achievers in life, and through sharing lessons of my own, we will grow and succeed, together.


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