Think for Yourself to Get What You Want


When I spent my teenage years in Nigeria, I went through the most rigorous math classes and did really well. As a high school senior back in the US, my twin brother and I were promoted to AP Calculus, and we both did really well.

For a while, I was mad that all those hours I spent thinking and studying about theorems and rules (like Euler’s Rule which sounds NOTHING like it’s spelled) and truths didn’t directly apply to any of my adult life.

But it actually did this whole time. I’ve come to realize that it has made me a powerful Critical Thinker, with the ability to bring together seemingly unrelated concepts in a way to solve problems. I just never gave myself a chance to use it until recently.

Here’s what I’ve learned. Anyone who has reached incredible success got there by THINKING FOR THEMSELVES.

Are you thinking for yourself? Are you asking yourself questions to solve the problems in your life? In your career? In your business?

Most people don’t. Most people look to others for answers when they are fully capable of figuring things out on their own. Most people are too lazy to do their own thinking to solve their own problems. If you notice you are stuck in any area of your life, the one thing you might just need to do is start asking yourself the tough questions and start THINKING for yourself.

What you come up with just might be the thing that makes the difference.

Think about it.


Success lies within you. It’s all about mindset. Mindset for success.


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