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#12 – Broken Love and Following Your Dreams with Peace Amadi

Dr. Peace Amadi is an entrepreneur, writer, speaker, and personal development + brand coach. She was born to Nigerian immigrants and although she comes from humble beginnings, Peace now speaks across the country and transforms lives by inspiring others, which includes touching one of the most significant stages as a TEDx Speaker. She creates hope, strength, and power within lives while guiding others to follow their purpose.

Peace is the founder of The Pink Couch – a digital community and brand that celebrates femininity and challenges women to “get to the heart of the matter” of areas such as overcoming painful pasts, goal-setting, love, happiness, and business success. Her brand helps women to take care of their mental and emotional states, get more of what they want in life, and feel more comfortable putting in the work to become the best version of themselves.

Peace Armadi


Key Topics

Broken Love

  • Some of the most interesting work that Peace has done is with couples.
  • People often struggle because they are not conscious of what is triggering them – to do well in your relationships and in your life, you need to become aware of what these triggers are for you.
  • Your past wounds can put unrealistic expectations on others and it can impact relationships negatively – focus on healing to move past this.

The Pink Couch

  • Peace’s brand is about getting to the heart of the things that matter to us most.
  • Going through her own insecurities and processes of healing, she loves to help women.
  • The brand focus is on love, happiness, success, and finding wholeness by doing the deep work to move those blocks that hold us back.
  • She does the work on a “virtual couch” with women – including blogging and the talk show (with a LIVE audience!)

Following Your Dreams

  • One interesting lesson Peace has learned in her training is the power of creating doubt and raising questions for people.
  • If someone was living beneath their personal potential, she would make them feel that even more, with the intention of helping them to start moving forward.
  • She wants people to reach their higher calling and be all they can be.
  • You only have to start with one small step to create momentum and build a little bit of success.
  • Be true to yourself and maximize your gifts instead of letting negative fears get in your way.

Staying Focused

  • Social media has made it so that we have a front row seat to everyone’s life.
  • When people are doing well, it can be discouraging because of our natural tendency of comparisons.
  • You need to commit 100% of yourself to fulfill your purpose.
  • When you are intentional about what you are doing, you start to notice when you are distracted.

Armadi Peace


Key Quotes

It’s really, really important to have an awareness of how your past has affected you, because it does, and there is no shame in that. ([6:04])

I have several times felt like I found love in a hopeless place and could not let go of that situation, and that’s because of my own issues and my own vulnerabilities. ([13:58])

Recognize how do we need to overcome these blocks, How can we get what we want in this short little life that we have? ([17:11])

Even though the bullying stopped, the bullied kid continued. ([22:16])

The greatest things are obviously on the other side of fear. ([23:10])

I could not stand to live another day without going for it. ([27:05])

One tiny step can change the trajectory of your whole entire life. ([29:43])


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  1. Georgio B. on 01/25/2018 at 7:25 PM

    I was in the middle of the video and had to stop to comment: So true about women and they’re expectation or entitlement toward men being things seen mainly in movies! So far this has been my favorite episode of T.A.P!
    And because of the doctor’s point that what men in reality have to deal with. A unreal standard of something captured from the media.

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