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#8 – Your Calling & Your Healing with Stephanie Ike

Stephanie was born and raised in Nigeria, and is the Associate Pastor of One Church LA. She’s known since a very young age that she wanted to come to America and spread the message about the love of God. She discusses her journey and how she was able to move forward in her life on this episode.

Stephanie Ike is a remarkable communicator with a message of faith, hope and love.  A message she masterfully delivers as an author, pastor and filmmaker. She’s passionate about leading people into an understanding of God’s unconditional love and the identity they possess in Him.

Stephanie Ike


Key Topics

Recognizing stop signs in life

  • Taking time to notice your surroundings
  • Becoming aware of the path you’re on

Communicating with faith hope and love

  • Embracing who you are called to be makes you less reactive to things that you may  find temporarily offensive
  • Live for something greater than yourself
  • Love seeks truth and justice
  • Our faith allows us to remain strong in our beliefs

Dealing with Anger and Pain

  • People do things to hurt others out of their own brokenness
  • Learn how to see yourself on both ends; one who causes pain and one who’s been the victim of pain
  • Holding on to pain destroys you

Love and Expectations

  • If you treat yourself negatively you’re more likely to give that to others
  • Ask yourself why about any expectations you’ve set for yourself and others
  • Allow yourself to recognize areas in your life that need healing

Key Quotes

  • I believe the best learners are people that always ask questions ([4:50])
  • Every human should be a humanitarian ([12:20])
  • I call myself a communicator with a message of faith hope and love ([18:08])
  • From speaking with her I could tell that she was at the was one glimpse of hope she was looking for ([11:17])


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Check out Stephanie’s Book: Moving Forward

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  1. Kiara Peoples on 12/01/2017 at 10:23 AM

    This was a great show! I started watching Stephanie’s messages a few months ago! Didn’t know she was a Soror 💗💛💗! This message definitely blessed me…esp the daddy issues piece. Growing up I watched my dad struggle with Multiple Sclerosis and my mom care for him. They had just been married a few years. My mom has always told me to make sure I was really in love before marriage, in case they got sick. That has stuck with me, as I’m single now. Just left a really toxic relationship in February and have now started a personal “journey to whole”, as I call it. I had to realize my patterns of attracting the wrong guys and the missing pieces. Now I’m working on boundaries and opening my self up correctly lol. Ok enough mush, that’s for being transparent Soror and Phrat. #SkeePhi. God Bless!

  2. Franklyn Ikpa on 12/02/2017 at 3:01 AM

    Great array of topics and she spoke directly to what I’ve been experiencing relationship wise. Lot of broken women who I help to get them healed but I remain cold and hurt them if they gravitate towards me. Thanks for sharing your story cause now I have the key to solving mine.

  3. Georgio B. on 01/22/2018 at 5:24 PM

    One of many parts that really pinged my ears was when she spoke of not being a dater. It was enlightening to hear that even though a woman could be attracted to someone, she could not be attracted to you, even read you as “a lover”. They could jus not be in a place to open themselves up to someone. Everybody really is in a different place in life.

  4. eebest8 fiverr on 03/27/2018 at 7:52 AM

    “here are some hyperlinks to sites that we link to because we feel they are really worth visiting”

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