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Making the Move to Follow Your Passion with Cortez West – 019

In this episode, Cortez discusses breaking through the barriers of living a “comfortable” life, and going after the life that is calling you. Find that drive to succeed by making that your only option, and do all that you can to make it. Just don’t forget to help others along the way!

Cortez West is an optimist who believes that your goals should not simply be amazing thoughts of what your life could be. Your passions should be followed and your life can be all that you see for yourself.

Cortez West and Valentine Ewudo

Cortez is a Radio/TV Personality who found an interest in the entertainment industry after starting in modeling. He moved to Hollywood in 2013, where he grew his career further, stepping into the role of a Video Producer and Assistant Director. He helps others as an advocate for health and fitness, along with using his career as a platform to reach out to kids who are being bullied. He acts as a role model, helping children to build self-confidence.

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Cortez West

Key Topics

Making a Move

  • Cortez from Germany but moved to the United States – he got comfortable with his life in Atlanta after 6 1/2 years of living there and working in sales and marketing.
  • He had a constant feeling that he was missing something, while he continued to get up and go to a job that he didn’t feel truly fulfilled in.
  • He started feeling worried and stressed after he decided to move, but he had to make a change, he just couldn’t go back to his job.
  • That week, he was on a one-way flight to Los Angeles to change his life.
  • When you don’t have a choice but to succeed, your drive is sky-high and you have to make the decision to put yourself out there to reach your goals.

Finding Your Confidence

  • Even if you aren’t at the top of your game, you have to feel confident and act like you’ve made it.
  • When starting out, you may be working for less than what you would expect … but if you are learning a lot, that’s okay!
  • You put in the work to become what you want to be – don’t wait for things to be handed to you, be persistent.
  • People will say no to you and your greatness isn’t going to be seen by everyone, just keep believing in yourself and keep pushing towards your goals.

Giving to Others

  • When you see others struggling, help them.
  • Cortez tries to help people as much as he can, and wants to do better to help more.
  • People get comfortable with what you do for them, so make sure your friends are hanging out with you for the right reasons, not to take advantage of you.
  • Cortez has found success, but he doesn’t walk around telling people what he does – build respect with people outside of your career.
  • Be real, be true to yourself, and the people around you will be the same.

West Cortez

Key Quotes

Sometimes when you’re comfortable, you’re stuck in that place. When you’re comfortable, you don’t want to put yourself in predicaments where you need to grow, but sometimes you have to do that. ([4:29])

If you’re going to a job and you’re not happy, it is okay to remove yourself. ([30:02])

The riches that I obtain are not for me, they are for the people that are around me, my friends become my family. ([44:47])

The right kind of no is sometimes the wrong kind of yes. ([58:38])

Valentine Ewudo and Cortez West

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  1. Montel on 02/25/2018 at 11:07 AM

    Yo this was dope! This really drew me in. Very connecting!!! This sparked a few good ideas and a change of perspective.

  2. Annabel on 02/26/2018 at 3:40 AM

    Nice 👏👏

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