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Valentine Ewudo and Stephanie Castellanos

Wrapped up an incredible episode last night with this Latina Powerhouse @stephaniecastellanos_

Val and Lola

Working on these episodes for the #thinkalphaproject has already taught me so much. I'm just excited to be of service to my people.

Valentine Ewudo and Terrence Terell

BTS with the man @iamterrencet . Thankful to this humble king for letting me into his space. #blackmen #kings #iamblacky #thinkalpha

 spartan - valentine ewudo

#fbf to my favorite obstacle in the Spartan Race. Always love a great challenge! How have you challenged yourself lately? #spartanrace


If it ain't about GROWING, I don't wanna talk about it.
Great episode recording today with the President of @laulyps talking about growth, leadership, and intuition. It's been a great Saturday so far

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  • A patient came in to the ER brought by the fire dept and as soon as he was transferred to his bed he gave out, with no pulse and no breathing. You already know what time it is. Compressions, pushing meds, FAST critical thinking. A few cycles later and the time of death is pronounced. We make his body look presentable, bring in and console the family then after everyone leaves put him in a bag and take him to the morgue. 
I get back and help a sweet old lady get up to use the restroom to get a urine sample. 
I bring her back to then run across the area to help security hold down a combative Psych patient put him on restraints and hit him with some medication to calm him down. 
I leave that room to meet, console and listen to my new patient who lost her husband recently, who just can't seem to cope with her loss and who's health has been on a steady decline ever since. 
See, we see more shit in ONE shift in the ER than most people ever see in a lifetime. Our job is to be a rock for people at some of the worst times in their life, and be able to think and execute AND somehow hold it all together ourselves. It's fckin hard. 
It's ER nurses week so I felt it was only right to give a huge shout out to all the ER nurses out there all over the world. 
If you know one, please thank them for what they do 🙏🏾
  • Vince was feeling frisky and wouldn't let me be great 😂
I was gonna hit a night shift this past Sunday, but I don't get the chance to be with all my siblings at once a lot so I figured...ahhhhh FCK IT
I swear I could do anything with my family and it'll be lit 😂
Thanks for alllllll the Bday msgs this past wknd yall. I so appreciate it 🙏🏾 P.S. All hope was lost in the last 2 swipes so don't ask me what the hell I was doing 🤦🏾‍♂️


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