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Vynce Eiffel and Valentine Ewudo


In this episode, Vynce and Jade discuss how we can all benefit one another on this planet, the power of community, the influence of family and the importance of finding a positive environment to excel. Vynce and Jade bring incredible insight and knowledge into living your dream and finding the tools that you need to create your greatest possibilities in life.


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Vynce is the CEO .US, which is an acronym with many different meanings, including Universal Subculture and Usual Suspects. Jade works alongside Vynce at the world’s first social experience company. They work to bring creatives and entrepreneurs together and unite them, connecting and amplifying humanity. .US is influenced by imagery, film, art, and culture based movements and gives legitimacy to our purpose to create a new culture.


Key Topics


Learning From Failures


  • Vynce lived in Atlanta after high school and saw people who looked like him excelling.
  • He made an effort to talk to anyone that was doing something positive. He continued to talk to people and develop for the next two years.
  • When Vynce moved to California, he “failed” because he didn’t know that he had a community there that he could tap into.
  • This made him feel that he didn’t have the tools he needed to activate his potential.
  • After a while, Vynce started meeting important people and making connections that would open the floodgates to meeting young people like himself that were doing positive things in CA.
  • He learned from his failures by not giving up and continuing to search for the right place to start his business.


Finding Support


  • Vynce wanted to have the support from his family, but didn’t feel like he got it.
  • It was disheartening to feel that reality and feel unsupported, but he was lucky enough to get pointed in the right direction by others.
  • Sometimes, telling your family an idea that isn’t “normal” isn’t the best idea – families can have a hard time seeing the possibility because they want security for us and can’t see the end goal.
  • However, Vynce had the support of Jade – they met two years ago during a project for class and while they lived in different cities, they made it a priority to get to know each other.
  • Vynce gave Jade a 30 page blueprint for his business. She wanted to add an afrocentric perspective to the business that we really don’t have as a people in this country.
  • She wanted to give the knowledge and perception that she has to the business.


The Road to Healing


  • “To heal you need to reveal” – a quote from Jade’s professor
  • For Jade, growing up it was difficult for her to reveal things to herself.
  • While you don’t necessarily have to reveal your feeling to the whole world, you have to come to terms with your struggle within yourself.
  • Jade writes poetry and recently found a notebook that she wrote back in high school, which made her realize how angry she was.
  • She also found she was more raw and authentic because it was only meant for her to see. It can be positive to have an outlet that real and just for you.
  • Jade decided she needed to share her thoughts with other people who were hurting or angry in the same ways to help them.
  • Vynce has also been having conversations with people that needed to happen and has been working on healing.
  • His father was somewhat absent but had high expectations of him – the “American Dream” on the outside, but the inside was just a house, not a home.
  • He’s been taking the steps to understand his past and speak his truth.



Vynce Eiffel



Key Quotes

Failures, for me, are learning experiences. You know, I feel like you win and you learn. You really don’t fail. You fail when you stop, when you give up. (15:18)

People ask me why I’m a black studies major, I’m like because its helped me become a better person, it’s helping me navigate my life. (26:34)

Once we deal with our own stuff, then we could deal with the bigger problem. (32:18)

I think it’s great for every parent to have expectations of their child. But if you have some kind of expectation, you need be able to give them guidance to be able to achieve that. (36:16)

I just think it’s really important to really speak your truth, connect with people, and get to the bottom of things. (39:07)



Jade Robinson



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  1. Miyuki Gomez on 06/25/2018 at 11:38 AM

    I have taken the time to listen to majority of your podcast. Let me just say that Jade’s story about “revealing to heal” and the different layers to healing due to generational trauma are on point with all the self care and advocacy work I been unconsciously working on this past year. It was nice to hear her story and get reassurance that I am not alone in the struggle. Thank you for the work you been doing.

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