#6 – Self Education is Greater Than Higher Education? with Miles Goodloe

“Professor” Miles Goodloe is an author, educator and instructional programmer with expertise in higher education, retention, and program development. He serves as the National Program Manager of Instruction & Advancement for the LeadersUp organization. In this capacity, he works closely with the Program Manager of Partnership & Advancement in managing new and existing community partner relationships. He also provides curriculum development and implementation for current programming and leads instruction for professional empowerment.

Miles is a California native and UCLA graduate. He specializes in educational technology and builds digital communities to help people learn in new and creative ways. His book, Self Education is Greater than Higher Education draws focus to finding our purpose and setting our intentions for our life outside of the classroom.

Miles Goodloe

Key Topics

On life

  • When you don’t know your purpose anything you do in life is not fulfilling.
  • Make efforts now that will create habits and behaviors to match where you want to be
  • Allow pain to teach you.
  • Instead of looking up look down on occasion to realize how tall the mountain is that you’ve climbed

On priorities

  • Practice what you preach.
  • Know who you’re becoming
  • The greatest among you shall serve (how are you adding value to others lives)
  • Don’t be a people pleaser
  • Stop lying- be honest with yourself about where you are
  • Try doesn’t exist you’re either going or you’re not

On filling yourself

  • Take care of yourself physically, emotionally and financially
  • Say NO
  • Reevaluate what’s happening when you feel overwhelmed, create systems and use tools to work for you
  • Build habits one step at a time


Miles Goodloe and Valentine Ewudo

Key Quotes

On answering your calling:

“What you’re afraid to do is probably what you’re called to do.”

On filling yourself first:

“When you’re able to fill yourself consistently the world becomes your oyster”

On breaking the rules:

“Sometimes you have to break all the rules, then create new ones.”  

On Education:

“The things you need to master college will help you master your life.”

On time:

“Imagine that each hour on your clock says now. The things that you desire already exist.”


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