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Simple Ideas On Starting Your First Podcast

Nowadays, it’s a common belief that everyone seems to have their own podcast. From famous artists, celebrities and the silky-voiced of authors. There are many shows to listen to every day.

Here’s a definitive guide to hitting the airwaves or podwaves:

Think with a better and unique idea

Look for a category content you feel like you’re on top or expert or how to start your first podcast. Gather ideas from your friends about whatever comes to mind.

Get a proper or decent microphone

You don’t need to buy an expensive microphone just to create a better and clear podcast especially if you’re just starting out. It lies on your desk, how you deliver it will make the perfect conversation topic and a chance to plug your podcast.

You can play around when you edit your audio

The magic lies with editing! It would be nice to simply record your podcasts and send them into the cloud, spend a little time with Audacity to get your debut episode to the right audio level. Remember, “more than a feeling” is great as your intro, but there’s still many ways to get royalty free music to use for your new episode.

Do it now

Just do it! You just need to go for it. It takes some time to find your voice and direction on a few episodes. But, on the long run, you’ll find your groove. Just do it with passion, love and confident. It’s a milestone for any podcast.

Good Luck!


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