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Let Your Wounds Become Your Work – 027

Valentine Ewudo

In this episode, Valentine shares his speech at the 2018 LA Nurse Expo and discusses why he never wanted to depend on a single income, employer, job, or a boss to determine how he lives his life.

You Are The Sh*t with Monti Washington – 026

M Washington

Monti Washington discusses what it really takes to overcome adversity and find success, despite a tough upbringing.Get toknow him, check our podcast episode

Loving Your Natural Self with Angela Styles – 021

In this episode, Angela Styles shares the tips that she has learned on her journey to embracing her natural hair. She tells us why she celebrates.

#11 – Fight For Your Fairytale with Stacy Ike

Valentine Ewudo and Stacy Ike

Stacy grew up in a Nigerian home in Houston, TX. She spent time abroad before she landed back in the states and eventually in LA, where she has called home for the past four years. She’s experienced moving to a new city with little to no direction, with low funds but tons of drive and…

#10 – Scared as F*ck: Reflections with Vincent and Charles Ewudo

Valentine Ewudo - Charles Ewudo - Vincent Ewudo

This episode is a family affair, in which Val and his brothers Vince and Charles reflect on the journey of launching a video podcast.