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Going With Your Gut Feeling with Danielle King – 033

Danielle King and Valentine Ewudo

In today’s episode, Danielle King from LA Urban League of Young Professionals (LAULYP) joins is to discuss growth, moving past challenges and listening to your intuition to live your best life. Danielle was a member of the Phoenix chapter while she lived in Arizona, but didn’t find opportunities to move up within the organization. After…

Making the Move to Follow Your Passion with Cortez West – 019

Valentine Ewudo and Cortez West

In this episode, Cortez discusses breaking through the barriers of living a “comfortable” life, and going after the life that is calling you. Find that drive to succeed by making that your only option, and do all that you can to make it. Just don’t forget to help others along the way! Cortez West is…

Unshackled and Being a Change Agent with Jeremy Vasquez – 018

Jeremy Vasquez and Valentine Ewudo

Jeremy Vasquez joins us for a special episode in Black History Month, discussing the power that uplifting and empowering our communities .

When You Have No Father Figure with Charles Opong – 015

Charles Opong and Valentine Ewudo

In this episode of the Think Alpha Project, Charles and I delve into the Importance of a Father Figure in a child’s life, the psychological imprinting that takes place through childhood and adolescence, and how single mothers can put their best foot forward in raising their kids. Charles Opong is a pastor, actor, researcher, doctoral…

Couple Goals, Leadership, and Service with Jessica and Joseph Chicas – 014

Jessica and Joseph

Often times when we get into relationships, we fall in love with ideas, opinions and expectations that we put on them, rather than accepting them and learning about who they truly are. Do you agree? In this episode, Jessica and Joseph Chicas break down the several reasons they have become the young power couple they…