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How This Couple Paid Off $162,000 in Debt with Elijah Bankole and Heron Abegaze – 024

E Bankole and H Abegaze

In this episode, the ‘Unconventional Millennials’, Elijah Bankole and Heron Abegaze, discuss how they turned their finances around – wiping out $162,000 of debt in under three years! The couple shares their journey to becoming debt free and how they also became mentally and emotionally stronger by deciding to work on their goals through using…

#6 – Self Education is Greater Than Higher Education? with Miles Goodloe

Valentine Ewudo and Miles Goodloe

“Professor” Miles Goodloe is an author, educator and instructional programmer with expertise in higher education, retention, and program development. He serves as the National Program Manager of Instruction & Advancement for the LeadersUp organization. In this capacity, he works closely with the Program Manager of Partnership & Advancement in managing new and existing community partner…