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How to Find Discipline and Develop Your Vision with Funmilola Fagbamila – 023

Funmilola Fagbamila and Valentine Ewudo

Funmilola is a Nigerian American scholar, activist, playwright and artist. She is the Arts and Culture director for the BLM Los Angeles chapter.

Unshackled and Being a Change Agent with Jeremy Vasquez – 018

Jeremy Vasquez and Valentine Ewudo

Jeremy Vasquez joins us for a special episode in Black History Month, discussing the power that uplifting and empowering our communities .

Listening to your Heart and Following Your Purpose with Ana Marte – 016

Valentine Ewudo and Ana Marte

Ana Marte is an actor and producer who was raised in the inner city with a tough skin and no nonsense attitude. She turned her hardships into passion.

#8 – Your Calling & Your Healing with Stephanie Ike

Stehanie Ike and Valentine Ewudo

Stephanie was born and raised in Nigeria, and is the Associate Pastor of One Church LA. A remarkable communicator with a message of faith, hope and love.