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Be Smart about Making Dumb Decisions with Jenn Duong – 034

In today’s episode, Jenn Duong joins us to discuss creating your own path, taking risks and masculinity in today’s society. Jenn is the head of Content & Growth for Good Today and is an immersive director and producer. After meeting the founders of a small VR production company that needed help, Jenn decided to trust in the journey she was on and make a change. She dropped out of school to take a chance on making it in VR. In 2015, she co-founded Women in VR/AR and has become a leader for women in the emerging technology space.


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Key Topics


Be Smart about Making Dumb Decisions

  • Jenn believes that you should be smart about making dumb decisions.
  • Jenn recalls how dropping out of college may have seemed like a dumb decision at the time, but it was the best decision for her.
  • Dropping out of school was a choice she made for her future, even though her mother wasn’t thrilled about it.
  • Jenn says when talking with your parents, stick to what makes you happy because they don’t have to live your life.


Defining Masculinity

  • There was a recent Gillette Ad where toxic masculinity is addressed.
  • Jenn can’t speak for men because she has never been one.
  • But, she also feels that men are under the same types of pressure women are under from society.
  • Maybe men think they have to act or be a certain way to be a man. But really, what is a man?


The ‘‘Me Too’’ Movement

  • Jenn believes we need to call out the women that are not treating men with respect – the same way we call out men.
  • Both sides need to start treating each other with more respect.
  • Some of the allegations from the Me Too Movement have been found false and these false allegations don’t serve women trying to move forward.


Being Honest

  • If you are honest and upfront you save so much time.
  • When we are dishonest about what we want in a relationship, we are not only wasting our own time but someone else’s time as well.
  • We also should not take advantage of whatever privilege we have.
  • Privilege comes in many different forms and we need to be more respectful of it. Own it, but respect it.



Key Quotes

Be smart about the dumb decisions you make. (13:15)

When you’re having those conversations with your parents, stick to what you want to do because your parents aren’t living your life. (16:44)

It’s going to be the men of today that are the fathers of tomorrow. That are raising the kids of the future. (39:20)

Men need to do a better job of stepping up and being better allies. And I think women need to do a better job of giving men the space, education and support they need to be better allies. (45:53)


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